Espier Launcher Brings The Polished iOS Home Screen To Android

Espier Launcher Brings The Polished iOS Home Screen To Android

Android has some great advanced features, but if you prefer the simple, beautiful home screen look of iOS, Espier Launcher gives you the best of both worlds by recreating the iOS experience on your Android device — without Apple and their walled garden.

Espier is actually a very solid launcher for Android. It’s smooth, has lots of nice features and does a remarkable job of looking exactly like iOS. You don’t have an app drawer, which may be annoying for some, but you get iOS-style icons in a 4×4 grid with a dock at the bottom. If you swipe up on the home screen, you get an iOS-style fast app switcher, where you can close running apps and, if you swipe to the left, even change brightness, Wi-Fi, volume and other quick settings. Even the folders work exactly like they do in iOS: just drag one icon onto another to create a folder, and when you tap on it, it’ll pop up in true iOS style. It also has a search function in the same place you’d find Spotlight on iOS, though it didn’t work quite as well as we’d have liked, putting apps all the way down at the bottom and filling the results with unimportant things (like tracks on, if you have it installed).

Overall, though, if you like the freedom that Android gives you but prefer iOS’ somewhat more polished interface, you won’t be disappointed by this launcher. I’m pretty stunned at how well it imitates iOS, where many other theme packs and similar apps fail. Although, if you’re looking for a slightly more Android-like experience with iOS-like looks, you can’t go wrong with the previously mentioned MIUI ROM, either.

Espier Launcher is a free download for Android 1.5 and up.

Espier Launcher [Android Market via AddictiveTips]


  • I know each to their own and what-not, so if anyone wants to disagree with me on the topic, that’s fine by me – but why anyone would want to turn their Android phone into an iPhone look-a-like is beyond me. I’m not saying that iOS isn’t a pleasant interface, or that it doesn’t have its own advantages over the various Android launchers – but cloning the UI of a different platform is hardly innovative is it? In my opinion, one of Android’s biggest selling points is its open nature and power to allow the user to make their phone look and act like what they wish – something Apple would never allow. Ironically this openness is what allows Android to be customised to become iPhone look-a-likes.

    • Because lets face it, android is a pretty shitty OS, and those stuck with it may want to slowly transition over onto the better phone. Hey, maybe they think it’ll cure their aspergers too?

    • “why anyone would want to turn their Android phone into an iPhone look-a-like…”

      “…one of Android’s biggest selling points is its open nature and power to allow the user to make their phone look and act like what they wish…”

      Question asked, question answered.

  • Just get MIUI, then you enjoy all the benefits of a ROM no doubt better performing and featured than your factory one, and you can skin it to look how you want, including iOS. Best ROM I’ve used on my SGS.

    • MIUI has always intruiged me, but I’ve always been a bit dubious of a few aspects of it – namely:

      – its iOS-ness. I like having an app drawer, and don’t want an iOS clone (yes I’m aware there are other skins, but honestly – I know little about them)
      – it’s Chinese. I’m not saying it doesn’t work well in english, but in my experience software translated from Chinese to English isn’t always crash hot.
      – it’s based off CyanogenMod. This is a plus and a negative. CM is great (it’s my current ROM), but if I have to wait for CM to recompile the AOSP ROM’s for my phone, then afterwards; wait for MIUI to adapt CM with their skin it’s going to take a while for new Android releases to trickle through.

      • I was using MIUI until recently, and I can say that it’s a great ROM. With the iOS issue, I can somewhat agree – QQLauncher worked as a great substitute, giving me the best of both worlds. The Chinese translation of MIUI is not apparent at all – I very, very, rarely see Chinese unless it’s looking at themes for MIUI (which all bring a nice, cohesive look). MIUI also updates on a weekly basis, which means updates get rolled in quickly.

      • You raised most of the issues I had with it for so long. That lack of Appdrawer hasnt bothered me, its actually helped me ensure I only install what I need, and I have a “Dont use” folder right on the back page where I dump all the crap, and everything is fine.

        The Chinese does appear in several areas, although not actually part of the OS or menus, but more the downloadable content is supplied primarily by Chinese users, so wallpapers and lock screens etc are named Chinese names, doesnt both me as there are thumbnails. Apart from that, everything is in English and works perfect.

        I was scared of the CM as I’d heard of CM7 battery drain etc, but seriously, the speed improvement I’ve received over the stock Samsung Galaxy S is amazing. I doubled my Quadrant benchmark score (1400 now). Battery life is heaps better.

        Aslong as your model is supported I can imagine you’d have issues, or not like it. I cant even begin to list the improvements and new features. The weekly updates are great, and are basically automatic. Better than the zero updates Te;stra ever pushed out to me! Just get ROM Manager (free version) from the Market and see what it brings up for your model. 🙂

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