eHarmony App Comes To iPad

eHarmony Australia has recently released their new iPad app, eHarmony HD, available for free from the iTunes App Store.

The app looks, from the preview video below, to have all the bases covered with messaging, image sharing and searching for the perfect partner based on a wide variety of criteria.

The app is free. I haven't road-tested this one as I'm happily married. Any Lifehacker readers care to offer their opinions?

eHarmony [iTunes]


    If it's anything like the iPhone app, it should be renamed to eHatred. Or possibly eHarmingMe. It is one of the worst apps I have ever had the displeasure to use.

    This is a big step up from their iPhone application, it has a lot more functionality and is very easy to use. All those Apple evangelists will be very happy with this.

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