Download And Upgrade To iOS 5 Right Now

If you've got an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4G or any iPad, you can download and install Apple's iOS 5 update right now. All you need to do is open up iTunes (make sure you have iTunes 10.5 installed) and hit the Update button. While the update is downloading, you can familiarise yourself with the new features. Here's a video that tells you everything you need to know.

Once you've updated and synced your device, you can configure the Notification Center, set up iCloud, and set up iSync on your device. Unless you have an iPhone 4S, you can't use Siri, or at least you can't until hackers manage to port it to iPhone 4.


    Be careful. Currently tried to upgrade iPhone 4 and phone is bricked due to error 3004. I think apple servers are too busy verify phones!!

      Appears that I am not the only one

      Now on 4th attempt to restore. Unable to use phone at all!

      Same with my iPad, stuck in Restore mode. Grrr!

        4th or 5th attempt does appear to be working.

    Yeah the servers are bust, I've tried to update four times now and either get a 3200 or internal server error.

    Blast! Was hoping to update before work.

      Phone totally bricked now. Had an internal error now iTunes fails to recognise and phone in endless cycle of starting and closing. This is abysmal.
      I suggest NOBODY attempts to upgrade at the moment.

        You need to put your phone into DFU mode to try the restore again. Not that this will help much until Apple sorts out their server issues. On about my 10th restore attempt now, had to do DFU twice now...

        It finally went through, but since my backup is on my home computer and I had to restore at work I will have to go through the whole thing again tonight to get all my data back. But at least I have a phone to use again.

    I'm only being offered the upgrade to 4.35 ... do I need to do that first, or is it just not appearing due to server issues?

      Might be a bit late... iTunes was saying this for me as well though when I clicked "Download & Update" it was 5.0

        Ah, thanks Daniel! Should have tried that...

    Why can't my 3GS upgrade past 4.2.1, I know there is more to this but thought maybe iOS 5 was going to be available to me (after server issues obviously)

      Are you sure you have a 3GS not a 3G? Because IOS 4.2.1 is the last update there is for the 3G, the 3GS is updatable to IOS 5.

    Damn, another reason to be sad about my broken computer...

    i had no problems upgrading. maybe i was just lucky. been looking through it the last hour or so. fair few features that weren't mentions such as custom tones (as in you can add/buy message/email/ect tones), the ability to add shortcuts in txt (eg type btw and it will expand to by the way) and more

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