Domino's Offering Free Pizza Quarters Today

Fancy some free pizza? Domino's is giving away free pizza quarters at eight of its stores at 2pm today to celebrate National Pizza Month (no, me neither).

The stores involved are in Melbourne, Manly, East Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Toowoomba, Fulham and Kingston. To score free pizza, you need to show that you've liked Domino's on its Facebook page (either using your mobile phone or a printout). Probably not worth making a special trip for, but worth grabbing if you're around anyway.

Domino's [via OzBargain]


    Sure, I'll go right ahead and give Domino's my personal information in exchange for two slices of pizza.

      Definitely worth 3 slices.

      Yeah your right Max.. because Facebook is known for its security.

    I will just go to the East Perth one because it is only a block away from my TAFE, however I don't know 2pm is a bit of weird time, all i know is i need to get the pizza then get to class!

    Sorry - ever since that incident with those idiots at Domino's doing disgusting stuff with pizzas I feel ill every time I hear/see/think Domino's.
    Why not search LH (an other sites) for articles on pizzas - Lot more fun rolling your own.

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