Disable Firefox's 'What's New' Page With An About:Config Tweak

Every time Firefox updates (which is pretty often, these days), it opens up a "What's New" page that, frankly, is a little annoying. Here's how to stop it from doing that next time it updates.

This annoyance is even worse if you regularly switch between different Firefox channels, like the bleeding-edge Aurora channel. To turn off the "What's New" page for good, just type about:config in your address bar, hit enter, and promise Firefox you'll be careful. Then, search for:


Double click on it to set it to "ignore". Now, whenever you update, Firefox should just open up your home page (or restore your session) as normal, without opening any new tabs that get in your way.

Disable Firefox's What's New Page After Updates [GHacks]


    Is it really annoying enough to warrant a hack?

      I'd hardly call changing one small setting in about:config a "hack."

      (Other option is to switch to Chrome. I loved Firefox until about a year ago when I changed, and I haven't looked back. Still keep Firefox around for FireBug though.)

        Just a simple way of naming the procedure is all nothing more! As for Chrome I actually like the idea of being able to 'hack' Firefox, it's not that easy in Chrome! My reasoning is that it's just a simple matter of closing the tab, it's not like FF updates every day, and at least it does update quickly when needed!

          Try typing about:flags into Chrome ;)

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