Chrome To Overtake Firefox By End Of Year

ComputerWorld reports that, according to web analytics service StatCounter, Google's Chrome browser will overtake Firefox in popularity by the end of this year — putting Chrome at second to the still-tough-to-topple Internet Explorer.

Of course, we've seen this coming for a while now; what would really make us happy would to see Firefox and Chrome both unseat IE.

Chrome poised to take No. 2 browser spot from Firefox [ComputerWorld]


    To be fair, Firefox and Chrome *combined* have already toppled IE, just not individually.

    Just goes to show how many people are willing to sell out their privacy to Google. Thanks, but I'll stick with Firefox and Opera.

      What on earth are you talking about?

      Ha, unless you're using firefox's NoScript addon then you would know that websites are using Google-analytics.
      So you lost your privacy a long time ago.

    eh, I dont know about chrome taking over. If it continues its current trend of getting more bloated then maybe people will start abandoning it for the really quick option that is opera.

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