Building A Secret Room

Building A Secret Room

Halloween is only a week away so it’s time to get your scary gear in place. The crew at Instructables has provided a guide for creating a secret room for trapping and scaring your guests.

Although Halloween isn’t as big a deal in Australia as other parts of the world, this project looks like a great prank. And I suspect that the project could be re-purposed for other applications like a secret cupboard.

Making a Motorized Secret Entrance [Instructables]


  • If only we did Halloween here.. I mean.. yes there are some kids that go around trying to get freebies.. but honestly, halloween is the least celebrated holiday here.

      • Definitely. Halloween is just another event to force you to buy plastic crap nobody needs. When I was a kid back in Scotland we used to go guising on Halloween; like trick or treat, but you actually had to DO something (sing a song, tell jokes etc.) and you might get a few sweets or some fruit (yes, we do have fruit in Scotland). People used to make an effort, rather than sticking on a plastic mask and yelling “trick or treat” and expecting something for nothing as they seem to do today.

    • Me too. I convinced my workmates to decorate the office a couple of years ago and we had great fun ( Since then we haven’t done it again due to all the complaints that it’s’an American thing’. I find this a bit bogus if you look at the history of halloween ( And anyway it’s more fun than putting up tacky christmas lights all over your house (I also don’t see the non-christians offering to work through Christmas day or Good Friday).

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