Brisbane Airtrain Gets (Slightly) Extended Hours

Whenever we've rounded up cheap ways to get to and from Australia's airports, we've always noted that the suckiest thing about Brisbane's Airtrain is that it stops running after 8pm. So the news that its hours are getting extended is welcome.

Picture by Nate Cull

The Brisbane Times reports that from December 12, trains will run until 10pm. That's still not ideal, as planes do arrive after that hour, especially during daylight saving as Queensland is running an hour behind southern states, but it's an improvement.

Here's a thought: what if Brisbane took the idea of airport-friendly hours from Sydney, and Sydney took the idea of open return tickets from Brisbane? Oh well, I can dream . . . Thanks Beau for the pointer!

Airtrain to run until 10pm [Brisbane Times]


    Last I heard from family in Brissy, it was cheaper to catch a cab than the train! Don't know if that has changed, but somehow I doubt it! #}

      The usual cab rule applies: possibly cheaper for two, definitely cheaper for three, definitely not cheaper on your own.

        Yeah that makes sense, they don't generally catch a cab by themselves! Not even an issue in Toowoomba though,... no friggin trains,.. buses pretty much non existent, and cabs that charge like wounded bulls! Lucky I live a ten minute walk from town eh! #]

          Ahh! So that's why Ecky is so bitter and twisted. He's from over the range :-) I was there today but fortunately I could leave...

      $15 to/from Central one way on the train. Cabs from that area aren't bad to the CBD (you're looking at $30+), but it really, really depends on traffic. Still too expensive for one person though.

        Wow! You live within a 10 minute walk to town? Respect, bro!

        Oops. Sorry, that last comment was for Ecky of course. Obviously, I screwed up the reply button heh. What an ultra maroon!

          Dude grow the fuck up! You're acting like an immature little twit! Oh, and please don't back at me with some long winded rant about my sex life or my education, it's getting really old. Just grow up!

            You're right. I've been pretty mean to you these last few days. However, you were pretty horrible to me when you abused me for no real reason other than that I had an alternative viewpoint. Still, I like you Ecky. I'd like to be friends. So what I'll do is this. I'll hold back from replying to your wildly entertaining and often perplexing comments if you just say sorry for being so vicious to me earlier in the week. Then you can buy me some flowers - though, not roses as I am allergic. We won't rush into anything. I've been hurt before ;)

            Seriously, I'll leave you alone. Just don't go abusing people if they have an alternative point of view to you. Good luck, hey?

              See there you go again, telling what I can and can't say! That was the reason all this crap happened in the first place! Don't tell me what I can and can't say!

                ahahaha...hahahaha. This is so entertaining to read. I'm going to LH articles so I can read the comment sections.

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