Break Into Your Car Safely With A Door Stop And Metal Rod

Break Into Your Car Safely With A Door Stop And Metal Rod

If you’ve owned a car for awhile, chances are you’ve locked your keys inside. You can pay to have a professional break into your car for you, or you can just learn how to do it yourself to save both time and money.

Note: This should go without saying, but do not use this knowledge to break into someone else’s vehicle. That is illegal and not particularly nice. Use this to unlock your car when you lock your keys inside.

According to YouTuber assertivecrystalgg45, all you need is a door stop/wooden wedge and a long metal rod. To break in, you insert the wedge into the top part of the driver’s side door until it makes a small opening. Then you can stick the long metal rod into that opening and use it to push the unlock button on the car. This works much better with electronic locks but can be done with regular locks as well. If you have a normal lock, you may also be able to use a crimped plastic strap to lift it into the unlocked position. Which method will work best will depend on what type of locks you have, so before you go out and get your materials be sure you’re getting the right stuff.

Personally, I was able to break into my car using a small putty knife instead of a wedge. A wedge would’ve been more effective, as a putty knife is flat, but thanks to the old days of Mac mini hacking that’s what I happened to have lying around. Presumably a wedge will work better since it can create a wider opening. This won’t be a problem when it comes to getting the rod through the door, but it should make it far easier to navigate the long way to your tiny unlock button. If you have any Blu-tac (or something sticky) to put at the end of the rod, this also may make it easier for you to push difficult and/or small buttons.

All in all, this looks to be a very effective method for breaking into your own car so long as you have these tools handy. Despite how it may look, it’s pretty easy to do this without damaging your vehicle. If you can manage to only lock your keys in the car when you’re home (or near a hardware store), you’ll be in good shape!

Tips on how to safely get into your car if you lock your key [YouTube]


  • What is it with LH? How to pick locks, how to open car doors without keys…whats next? How to shoplift when you run out of money? C’mon guys, putting a few lines of disclaimer saying these tips shouldn’t be used illegally doesn’t really absolve you of your moral responsibilities to not promote anything that has the potential of being used illegally. How about promoting tips on how to not forget to take you car keys with you instead? I’m a big fan of LH but articles like these, I just don’t get.

  • This has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve seen on LH! There are so many variables besides ‘Opinionated’s’ little rant! Firstly, when I go out, I rarely take a long rod or whatever and almost never take a friggin wedge of wood, both of which would be inside the car! Secondly, the differences in car door designs is so varied you would be lucky not to actually break something, that’s if you decided to carry these items with you out of the car! This tool has obviously found a way to get into his own car and decided to make a vid of it! Dumb, dumb, dumb!!

    • EckyThump’s ‘little rant’ is so much more important and necessary than Opinionated’s ‘little rant’.

      A door stop and a metal rod are items that may be found inside a home (or a hardware store, as addressed in the article). If you lock your keys inside your car outside your home, you’re likely to be able to:

      1. Go inside your house
      2. Get a door stop
      3. Get a metal rod
      4. Attempt the instructions on the video

      Of course there are different variables relating to the type of car you own, but this method has been shown to work in the 2 examples it has highlighted. If the method doesn’t work on your car, it is better having attempted it than waiting an hour for Roadside Assistance to help you out.

      In terms of damaging your car, the writer has addressed your point in saying that despite how it may look, it is not difficult to do without damaging your car. If you are stupid enough to both lock your keys inside your car door, and do damage to your car in trying to retrieve them, then you probably deserve it.

      If you are too stupid to read an article before commenting on it, then you probably deserve what I just did to you.

      • Wow you really have a bug up your ass about me huh? For a start, I was agreeing with “Opinionated” a name which might fit you better! Secondly, good luck doing this when you lock yourself out of your car when you leave the house, this actually probably won’t be an issue at home as most people would have a spare key there, and if you don’t have a hidden key somewhere how are you going to retrieve said items? If you carry these items with you when you get out of your car, you need help anyway! Lastly fill yer boots, and open your locked car any way you want, I don’t care how you open the friggin door. Clearly I have pissed you off else where, and frankly given the idiocy of your rant I don’t give a crap, your an idiot! Hands up all those who keep these items with you when you leave the house! Pretty sure the answer is none! Even someone who pulled up to help would not have said items. There’s a reason this is not a commonly used way to open a car door, even for thieves! … it’s friggin ridiculous, just like you! You sad angry little person

          • Heh, so you’ve found a grammatical error! Tell me something, assuming I had found it before you, how exactly would I correct it? Not trying to pull into another bout of vitriol, just pointing out the inherent issues of correcting grammar on a system where you can’t erase or edit your own comments! Had I been able, I would probably not have gone over the top, something I tend to do when baited, but the gist of my argument does make sense! Sorry, no hard feelings eh?

  • That’s why when you buy a car, you get TWO sets of keys. Also, this car doesn’t even look like it’s hard to break into if a wedge of wood can ajar the door. LifeHacker has fallen to a new low. Shame on you Adam Dachis, shame on you.

    • That’s assuming you bought a new car. Used cars often only have one key, since keys are so easily lost. New keys are also incredibly expensive to replace these days so many people don’t bother when they lose one (risky as it can cost even more if you lose your only key).

  • This isn’t even the most common way to do it. Get some soft wedge between the window and the rubber seal, and a coathanger with a small loop on the bottom. Feed it down, twist it 90 degrees, then fish around till you grab the rod that’s connected to the lock.

    Going between the door and the B pillar rarely works.

  • Actually from experience I find that going via the door and pillar is more effective, especially if you haven’t had to try and ‘break’ into your own car before. Trying to work from the window you can’t see the rods properly and going by feel can be difficult. A bit of packing strap from a newsagent used to bundle magazines or newspapers and hey presto I’m back in my car, or some other hapless person is back in theirs.

  • I recently was locked out of my car, and this is almost exactly what the locksmith did to retrieve my keys from inside the car, although his tools were a bit more upmarket. A blowup wedge which distributes pressure more evenly along the doorframe, and an insulated/soft coated bendable rod/wire. Id suggest hed seen it done by a pro and has improvised. In my case it cost $220 and i waited 2 hrs, granted it was Good Friday, but id rather give the wedge and rod a shot than the wait and cost next time if given the opportunity.

  • Or you could just call up your local motoring association (eg: RACV), wait between 20 minutes and 2 hours, and get them to do it professionally and at no extra charge than your annual membership.

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