Boom Is A Badass Text Snippets Tool For The Command Line

Boom is a command line tool that allows you to store and retrieve text snippets from your command line — sort of like Texter or TextExpander for your Terminal.

GitHub developer Zach Holman is responsible for boom, and you can take a peek at how he uses it in the screencast above (starting around 2:00 and NSFW if your workplace hates GIFs or occasional, innocuous swear words). You install boom as a Ruby gem (fire up your *nix command line and run gem install boom). Once installed, usage is pretty simple, and since the homepage and screencast explain it pretty well, I won't dive into it here. Essentially, though, you create lists in boom and store text in those lists. To retrieve a snippet, you just run boom name_of_snippet and boom copies the snippet to your clipboard. Pretty cool.

boom [Zach Holman]


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