BluePoison Disables Windows 8 Immersive Start Menu, Unlocks Hidden Features

BluePoison is a handy program for Windows 8 Developer Build that can unlock hidden features such as Moonrea (a multimedia storage and creation utility using a metro interface) and has the ability to disable Windows 8's Immersive Start Menu.

BluePoison was developed by an Italian development group, Italy Windows 8. It can also unlock a hidden applications folder and launches the Snap utility for smaller-resolution displays than normally allowed. The utility also includes 10 non-customissable Windows 8 Start Menu themes. If you ever need to revert back to the standard Windows 8 Developer Build you can do so with one click on the BluePoison menu.

BluePoison is a free download for Windows 8 Developer Build directly from the developer at the link below.

Windows 8 BluePoison Official Download Page [Italy Windows 8 via Addictive Tips]


    Why would you want to disable the Start Screen? It is way better than the stupid Win7 Start Menu and far more customisable.

      Very subjective. I have been trying to get used to it, but for me it is FAR less usable than the start menu. I hope the touch friendly start screen will be limited to touch devices only.

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