Bluelife Hosts Editor Lets You Find IPs And Block Sites Quickly

Bluelife Hosts Editor Lets You Find IPs And Block Sites Quickly

Windows: If you’re a fan of editing your hosts file so you’re not tempted to visit some of your most distracting and time-wasting websites while you’re trying to work, Bluelife Hosts Editor is a utility that looks up the IP addresses of the sites you want to block and adds them to the block list, all in one app.Looking up an IP address and then adding the site to your hosts file isn’t that difficult to begin with, but BlueLife Hosts Editor gives you a single application you can use to toggle blocking on and off for any given site quickly. Whether you just want to remove the temptation to visit while you should be working, or you just want to map a specific IP address to a hostname in your hosts file for fast access (without going through a DNS server first,) the app makes it as easy as typing in the URL to look up the IP address, add it to your block or allow list, and save the changes to your hosts file.

The app also allows you to create multiple hosts files for different use cases (home, office, coffee shop, etc) and switch between them if you need to. BlueLife Hosts Editor is free and portable, and works on 32-and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

BlueLife Hosts Editor [Sordum via Addictive Tips]


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