Big W Selling New Compact Wi-Fi Kindle From November 7

When the new Kindle Fire and other models was launched last week, we noted that it could prove difficult for Woolworths, which was selling older model Kindles through Big W and Dick Smith. Big W has now started taking pre-orders for the new more compact Wi-Fi model Kindle, which at $139 is cheaper than its predecessor.

The $139 includes postage, and shipment will take place from November 7. Both older models are still listed on the Big W site, though the Wi-Fi only version is "out of stock". Dick Smith doesn't have a pre-order site yet, but still has stock of both original models. No sign of the Fire locally, but that's presumably going to require a fresh round of telco and content negotiation.

Big W


    It is unclear which model is this.
    Also, on the Amazon website, the price
    for what appears to be the above model is only $79 !!

    $79 is the price with special offers. Said scheme is unavailable in Australia, and thus the standard price would become $109. It's still bumped up, but that's about what you would pay including postage from Amazon directly

      yeah i just brought one of these from amazon it was like $138 with shipping....but the dollar has dropped again so this might be better now

      either way its a good deal

    Pretty good local price. I wonder when they'll get the Kindle Touch in?

    Agreed - keen pricing. I ordered one of these on the weekend and it was $109 and I think about $22 shipping (not sure as I ended up doing combined shipping with some books). Given that ended up being about $130, I'd happily pay $10 more for a local warranty...

    But when will Big W stock the new Kindle Touch? I'd much prefer to purchase that model which has double the battery life, double the memory and touch controls.

    Terrible local price. I just ordered this off Amazon and, including postage, it came to $129. Nice price gouging, Big W.

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