Backify Gives 512GB Of Online Backup Storage For Free

A new service called Backify is offering an insane 512GB of online storage for free just for signing up for their service. It's the definition of freemium, with two additional tiers of unlimited backup and unlimited backup + "briefcase", which is space you can use for anything, coming in at $US3 and $US5 a month, respectively.

This amount of space for free sounds amazing, especially since they let you download software onto your computer to automatically take care of backups for you, thereby minimising the amount of ads you would have to look at (for them to recoup bandwidth and storage costs). That is, if that's even how they monetise the service. But there are some red flags.

One, the enormous amount of storage given is a red flag in itself.

Two, your password that you set is sent to you in plain text. We called the service and they said the passwords only come in plain text in the email right now, and are stored MD5 hashed. They are going to fix the plain-text email thing later today.

Three, although we were able to get through to the company, from what we heard it sounds more like a start-up, low-scale operation than a properly established business. That may or may not be true — this is just the impression we got from calling them.

In any rate, from a quick search, there isn't a lot of mention of Backify before today; so little so that Google automatically assumes I mean Backupify, which got $US5 million in Series B funding earlier this year.

512GB is a lot to turn down, so what I would recommend is to sign up with an email address you don't much care about, with a password that isn't used anywhere else, in case there's any risk of security breach down the line.

Backify [via Tom's Hardware]


    And probably only backup pre-encrypted files. Quite tempting though.

    When you login and download the software, it runs livedrive which seems a real thing rather than a small start up. there's even an android app.
    So is this Backify a part of live drive or just piggy backing on it's pc software?

      It looks like they're a LiveDrive reseller. LiveDrive have a reseller plan that lets the reseller create an unlimited number of backup accounts for one fixed price per month.

    In the last 24 hours I have been "given" the following "free" storage thanks to posts on LH.

    iCloud from Apple 5GB 50GB
    Backify 512GB !!!

    I already use and pay for JungleDisk for my personal private stuff due to it's rock solid client-side encryption with only ME having the keys.

    iCloud I'm yet to give any credence too. Apple's record on such things is terrible, unusable unreliable services. Jury out for iCloud.

    These other two with 562GB cloud storage will be handy, fun, interesting to have available as a place to dump things. But nothing of personal private importance will ever go to these without being solidly pre-encrypted before egressing my network.

    Presume and backify are jumping on the (clever) bandwagon of performing data-hash-matches to avoid storing multiple copies of the same files over and over. IF not, then I cannot see it being sustainable to give away so much GB's for free...

      PS: the password plain-text issues has been fixed. I signed up using a unique random 87 character "jibberish" password (via LastPass) and the two emails (activation and welcome) only contained my username, not the password.

      Score points to backify for fixing the issue promptly.

      Deduct points for rolling out the service and sending plain-text passwords.... and for using the old broken MD5 hash instead of the modern gold standard SHA-256 or even SHA-128.

    Nice, except I got stuck in what appears to be a redirect loop when verifying my email address.

    Impressive. Of course I'd probably be more impressed at the size of the datacentre.

    I'm with Tim though. Anything important, stored offsite on cloud, should be pre-encrypted anyway.

    Bring on the NBN so it doesn't take me 150+ days to upload a 400GB backup though.

    Is the website down?

    Try to register, and...
    "There was an error. Please try again, Thanks."

    The confirmation email was from [email protected] Yes, don. Supports the notion that it's not a properly established business.

      Maybe Don was asked to leave the company?

    It's now $1.50/month, not free :(

    They are resellers of UK based livedrive. Do not purchase.

    Ha, got my account all signed up a few weeks ago.

    This morning I get an email stating "We regret to inform you that we can not provide free backup services anymore. All free Backify accounts will be closed on November 22, 2011."


    Yup and I just got an email from LiveDrive (which provided the infrastructure for Backify) saying: If you have provided credit card information to BACKIFY.COM then we would suggest contacting your card provider and informing them that your card may be used fraudulently. All seems a bit didgy really!

    Is your backup space from Live drive?

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