Back Up And Sync Your iOS Devices In Anticipation Of iOS 5

Back Up And Sync Your iOS Devices In Anticipation Of iOS 5

Whether or not Apple will officially release iOS 5 at their special event tomorrow is still unclear, but in the event they do and you want to upgrade it’s prudent to get everything backed up in anticipation. Why?

In general, it’s good practice to back up your iDevices before an update but iOS 5 also brings plenty of new wireless syncing options that could go horribly wrong. You can now sync with iTunes over Wi-Fi or to the cloud with iCloud. It’s unlikely that anything will go wrong and there’s certainly no need to panic, but this is new technology we’re talking about and it never hurts to be prepared in case something does happen. If you’re looking forward to upgrading ASAP, spend a little time tonight getting ready so you’ll be able to recover swiftly in the event of a problem.


  • You need to ask why? Because more often than not, an Apple update results in semi-bricking your device, and having to reset it back to factory defaults! Something I’ve experienced almost every time I get prompted to update my iPhone 4!

    • Really ?

      I’ve updated to almost every release of IOS 4 for iPhone 4 since August 13 last year (never jail broken, probably never will) and i don’t recall one instance where i had a near brick experience due to an update, just click the update button and bang its done. The only time i have ever done a restore was when unlocking (and after 3 goes with restore, i ended up just cutting up an old sim card and using that method).

    • That’s been my experience with both iphone 1 and 4, neither jailbroken.

      And every time I upgrade itunes it brings back genius and ping, despite being firmly off and in the case of ping, disabled through parental controls.

  • I want to be wrong with this – but i seriously doubt that iTunes Match will come to Australia tomorrow morning. I would expect it next year at the earliest.

  • what part of ios did android rip off? if apple has a patent about “a graphical user interface using icons on a mobile phone” then the patent would be found invalid if ever challenge because it is too broad.

    if you have been following the apple vs samsung galaxy tab australian court case, you’ll find that even though apple have a bajillion patents registered to them only a couple of relatively specific (and kind of obscure) patents are being relied on for their case.

    the only patent under dispute at the moment has to do with a method for recording/translating touch screen inputs, which has nothing at all to do with ios but is a hardware feature.

    go home apple fanboy – android already has a bigger marketshare than ios and its climbing for a reason.

  • Mine is better!.. No! Mine is better! Fan boys of both sides grow up.

    You are both ridiculous and myopic. If your unable to look at things without a defensive attitude and result to things like “suck it” ask your dissenters to meet on the playground after school to fight, and stay off the forums.

  • lol @ notafanboy. thanks for your 2 cents on the state of the conversation.

    do you actually have any input regarding apple ios vs android or are you just trying ride a high horse as well?

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