Ask LH: When Does iOS 5 Launch In Australia?

Hi Lifehacker, So we know from Apple's recent media event that iOS 5 will be available to download this week. My question is, in Australia do we get to download when it is 12am on October 12 here or do we have to wait till it is 12am on the 12th in US Pacific Time to download it? Thanks, Impatient

Dear Impatient,

As we were reminded with pre-orders for the iPhone 4S, Apple timing is usually dictated these days by what is happening in California. That's the case here too: while the US press release about iOS 5 says that it will be available from October 12, the equivalent release sent by Apple Australia to journalists fingers the 13th as the date. If Apple goes with a midnight release US Pacific Time, we'd see it around 6pm on that date in Australia's DST-observing Eastern states. But the October 13 dating suggests it might happen later in the day for the US, with us pushed over into the early hours of the morning.

In the past, Apple has sometimes made updates available a few hours ahead of official launch time; on other occasions, it has happened later than planned. Scheduling what happens online is difficult for any large company, so this shouldn't be a great shock.

If you're really keen to get upgraded ahead of schedule, you can grab the final developer builds right now, but with not that long to wait, patience might be more sensible. Just do the other important stuff: back up your iDevice so you're ready for tomorrow's update, and remind yourself of iOS 5's most important new features so you can plan what you want to play with first.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    It really doesnt matter if u get a gm right now 1 day wai Dw

    "plan what you want to play with first"???


      I also had the exact same reaction. I didn't think people put THAT much thought into it...

      Sad, I know.

    So a safe bet would be tomorrow morning.

    Since my first comment was deleted by the moderators, I'll have another go.

    I think people who are waiting on an IOS update to within 5 hours of uncertainty really should reconsider their priorities.

      Stop trying to govern people and what their priorities are.

      People have a right to be anxious and concerned over a release date and timing over anything they want.

      It's not up to you to decide whether or not their priorities are misaligned.

        I agree. Que, stop judging people. The heading of the article is "When Does iOS 5 Launch In Australia?" LH are just giving exact info. I'm excited about it. So according to you my priorities need realigning?

        You're right - 'People have a right to be anxious and concerned over a release date and timing over anything they want.'

        My point is that it is pathetic. There are much more important non-tech and tech issues in the world than whether IO5 coming out at 12am Australian or US Pacific Time.

        Get some reality people.

          You’re spending so much time on this particular page it is clearly a priority for you to tell those interested in IOS5 they should get their priorities right. Isn’t that kind of worse?

          I have 50 iOS devices to roll out over the next 72 hours, for me its a big deal on when iOS is released!

          THe due date can't change, so the later it gets released, the bigger job it is for us!

          Mate, I think your the one who needs to get a life rather than telling other people 'to get some reality'.
          I have been super excited about when iOS5 was coming out since I first heard about it, it will make a huge difference to my business and when I visited lifehacker today, this is the first post I am reading, because I am very interested to see what they said.

          Leave your opinions in your pocket next time if you are not going to offer something constructive rather than having a go at the readers and writers of this page!

          Dear que,

          I happen to be running one of the largest telecommunications accessory company's in Australia with the release of the 4s and many other phones this year, net profit margins will be in the 6 figure range yet I cannot wait to play with the innovative and fun software that is known as iOS. The difference between people like you and my self is that you make your lemonade sour with daunting priorties life is about happiness and moulding your priorities around what you like doing, and for the millions around the globe iOS 5 is a brilliant and fun update with alot to be excited about. It seems you have to grow up and grab your life by the fruit of the tree that gave it to you.

          Stay angry s0n.

          To Que;
          Thats actually quite funny considering how you came to stumble upon this site. You call people pathetic? When you yourself was a little curious to the fact of when ios5 is released. Don't look too far for the so called pathetic people you judge, try using a mirror next time.

      if you have nothing but negative things to say, no wonder they deleted your comments. It's their website, so if they want to remove your post, its their call

      who cares if people want to get anxious over it. I'm sure there is plenty you get anxious over that others think nothing of

      I agree with phaded . So what if they are keen to get their hands on it? Christmas doesn't have to happen just once a year.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

      Since my first comment was deleted by the moderators, I’ll have another go.

      I think people who judging the priorities of people who are waiting on an IOS update to within 5 hours of uncertainty really should reconsider their priorities.

      Just sayin'.

      .... mmm ... judgemental

      If this is not your 'thang' ... why comment ?

    My main concern is how the backup to icloud is going to happen.. It it be over data plan from the phone carrier or will it be over wifi??

    I'll patiently (ok not that patiently) wait for the jailbreak thanks.

      Haha that is the main reason that most people are waiting for IOS 5.

      I'v actually read they have a unteathered jailbreak ready for ios5 so it will be interesting to see what they release

    I'm waiting all night to download it!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!

    The iPhone update server has just gone down. We could see the release of iOS 5 any moment now....

      ...actually it's not down. I got a series of connection errors previously within iTunes but it's working now. Was just failing to connect because I guess it's under heavy load.

    Australia is a hole for technology, everyone around the world has iOS besides us.

    daylight saving? In NSW it will be released at 7:01pm

    Que - Why on earth are you negative? people are excited and I am. Does not mean I am or anyone is pathetic.
    This forum is asking when it will be launched in Australia so if you cant contribute then I suggest you dont

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

        you fucking tool you don't deserve an iphone or ipad the whole point of apple is to change the world for the greater good, this update suspense is building a thrill and making people happy steve jobs was ridiculous in appearance and his idiosyncratic leadership was unusual but it helped pioneer a 400billion dollar company that your childrens children will never ever get to be apart of because of your depressing and lifeless comments and attitude.

          highly agreed.

        Wow que, you're just the worst kind of person, aren't you? Go outside and get some fresh air, angry guy!

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

      You are....

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

      You took my job!!!

      You are just another pathetic little keyboard warrior aren't you, using a screen name for anonymity. I use my real name because i post positive comments on things and people of the internet do not hate me.

      Obvious troll is obvious.

      You've spent an entire working day trolling a forum... dude.

      Que, get back to your room and clean up your mess. You're only 12 years old, you shouldn't be talking to people on the internet!

      I think you've to get your priorities straight first. Look at the number of posts you've made which shows you've a lot of free time lying around why don't you clean your room and get some sleep or read a book

    Que! You ARE comic book guy. Worst-comment-EVER. Mwahahah

    I head read thousands of forums, and seen thousands of dates. iTunes 10.5 is available before the iOS 5 update for a few reasons; To back up your data to iCloud and to receive te iOS 5 earlier. In Australian time, it should come out either 6:00PM tonight, early tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon around 2:00PM. I know, its been slack them not giving us a specific release date, but keep patient because it will come out today or tomorrow, but definitely before Friday due to the iPhone 4S release.

    dey took our jewwwwwbss

    I'm agreeing with that. Early hours on 13/10/11 morning. Maybe 3 or 4 am. If not in the arvo 2 or 3. But definitely not friday, or after

    My point is that it is pathetic. There are much more important non-tech and tech issues in the world than whether IO5 coming out at 12am Australian or US Pacific Time.

    - Then why aren't you using this precious time of yours to focus on those 'important' non-tech and tech issues rather than focus on a topic that's not so important to you?

    This to me, shows that YOU are the one that's pathetic for putting effort & time into typing the above comments on a topic that's clearly irrelevant to you.

    Thanks!! This is really helpful! Maybe when I wake up tomorrow morning I can update my iPod to iOS 5!! Que, if you have nothing good or nice to say, keep your hands down and don't type it.

    haha Que's your a dud mate

    Hey I spy a timetable of expected release times for iOS 5 - the rumored time is 4am for East Coast (AEDST). this link takes you to the timetable of global release times ;)


    No matter how witty your comebacks are, I'm afraid even acknowledging him is a victory on his part.


    Don't feed the troll guys.. wankers like Que don't have a life so they troll around.

      Paul is the biggest troll of them all.

    I wish I could get back the last 5 mins of my life listening to you geeks argue over nothing. Excited - Not Excited who cares it's irrelevant.. I just wanted toknow a release time.. Grow up you tools.. Have any of you guys ever had sex..?


    Where are your priorities if all you seem to be doing now is frequenting an article you consider pathetic. Don't you have "more important non-tech and tech issues" to occupy your precious thoughts with?

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