Ask LH: Has The $59 iPhone 4S Plan From Telstra Disappeared?

Dear Lifehacker, Around the time that your Planhacker guides for the iPhone 4S were released, I had my eye quite firmly on the $59 plan from Telstra. Now that my contract is about to run out I can only find it on the $79 plan and above on the Telstra site. Has Telstra done the old bait and switch, or have I missed something? Fingers crossed it is still available on request. Thanks, 4SPlay

Dear 4SPlay,

On the general Telstra page for iPhone 4S, there is indeed no visible mention of the $59 option. However, if you click on the 'Find out more' link through to this page, you'll see that it is still on offer on the $59 Freedom Connect plan. This isn't unusual behaviour: telcos often emphasise higher-priced deals over the cheaper ones.

What is true at the moment is that Telstra is out of stock for online ordering of the 4S, so you can't get it on any plan through its site. If you can find a handset in a specific Telstra store, you can pick it up on whatever plan you like, but that's a matter of phoning and visiting rather than just hitting the site.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    You can even get it on the $49 cap plan but that information is even more well hidden.

    Yes it is. $4 per month for the 16gb iPhone 4s, $8 p/m for 32gb and $13 p/m on the $59 freedom connect plan.

    Pretty sure i'm meant to disclose that i work at a telstra store when i mention the plans so yeah.. there you go. And i'm positive this is correct as I sold 3 today.

    hey smurfy...if you are prepared to wait a couple of weeks then i can waive the $4 cost of the phone on the $59 plan if u get it through me

    Does anyone know if they are available on a 12 month contract? As Telstra don't offer phone insurance anymore (according to the rep up here) I was curious if I could get a 12 month plan instead purely so if/when I eventually break my phone I won't have over a year on my contact (I have a tendancy to break them lol)

      Yes they do. I am on the $49 plan over 12 months. However, the phone is only subsidised by $10 a month. If the phone is $960, they take off $120 and you only pay per month $70.

      The more you pay on your contract per month, the more they subsidise the phone ($59 contract then discounts $15 per month. They call this MRO I think)

      Sorry. I forgot to mention the 12 month contracts are ONLY available if you are an existing Telstra post-paid customer (in my case, Bigpond Cable with no contract)

    Ahh ok, so I won't be able to do it moving from Pre-Paid?

    Telstra does still offer insurance btw, $14.95 per month.

    Its very difficult to find a store though that will honor the $49 cap pricing.

    Best to go through the call sales centre. As mentioned iPhone is out of stock but most jbhifi stores will still have a bit available.

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