Apply Plasti Dip To Furniture To Protect Your Floors

Plasti Dip, a specialty rubber coating commonly used for improving tool handles, has many other excellent uses, including fixing stripped headphone wires and rubberising the back of your phone. Here's a new one: protecting your floor from scratches.Martha Stewart's Crafts Department dipped IKEA stool legs into some Plasti Dip for the colour as well as the floor protection. But you can use clear Plasti Dip instead if you don't need that shock of colour.

The rubber coating is also much more likely to stay on than those flimsy stick-on felt pads.

Behind the Scenes: dipping [Martha Stewart via Apartment Therapy and House Beautiful]


    Still yet to find a good, cheap, easy to get hold of product to do this in Australia.

    The Jaycar product looks not too bad:

    or maybe a rope end dip from Whitworths:

    Anyone found a good product for this? I imagine they will wear thru very quickly if on a chair foot.

      google plasti dip and it comes up as first result?? they have an ebay shop.

    That would want to be some seriously tough compound, otherwise besides being ugly as sin, it's just going to rub through fairly quickly and then you're stuck with crap you have to scrape off.

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