Apple Seeds iOS 5 Golden Master To Developers

If you have an Apple iOS developer account, you get the Golden Master (GM) release of iOS 5 today. If you don't have a developer account, you'll get this release on October 12. As far as we know, this release doesn't come with anything special, but rather just fewer bugs. Head on over to the Apple iOS Dev centre to download your copy.

iOS Dev Center [Apple]


    The GM is not limited to developers. If you can find the links you can download and instal iOS5 on your idevice. You will also need iTunes 10.5 beta 7.

    you will have to install iTunes 10.5 beta 7 atleast for updating your iOS devices with the iOS 5 Gold Master. Interesting thing is that you can as a developer, submit your iOS 5 to App store and this the first iOS 5 version which can be used to develop your apps and submit to the app store.
    You need to go through the check list before you submit your apps to the app store.

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