An Incredibly Simple Way To Escape From Wrist-Binding Zip Ties

Hand cuffs are expensive, so zip ties are often used as a cheaper and fairly effective way of binding someone's wrists. If you find yourself bound by the annoying plastic, here's an easy way to break free.

"Imminent threat solutions" blog ITS Tactical shows you how easy it can be to break zip ties with a little practice. As you can see in the video above, all it really takes is a forceful smack in the butt (from your bound fists) fuelled by momentum, pushing outward as you complete the range of motion. That is, if your hands are tied behind your back. If they're in front of you, just pull in towards your stomach instead. You can find detailed instructions for all hand positions at the full post on ITS Tactical.

But why would you ever need to do this if you didn't deserve to be arrested? Perhaps you felt you were restrained unfairly in a protest, or you were tied up during a robbery. Any tool used for good can also be used for evil, whether you're trying someone up or breaking free.

How to Escape from Zip Ties [ITS Tactical]


    ITS Tactical. Not "it's".

    Learn2acronym ;)

      The site he's talking about is called "ITS Tactical" Check your facts before trying to be a grammar school teacher!

      Yeah it's pretty obvious it's a capitalised noun, not a misspelled 'it's'. Jumping the gun a bit there.

    Pretty sure they wouldn't put them on that tightly, it would cut off circulation! I doubt this would work if they were put on at the correct tension! #}

      Just tighten then up before hand, I doubt they would cut the excess plastic off.

        Pretty sure you can't reach the tail, no doubt if you could and you tightened it up you would definitely cut off your own circulation and be in a lot of pain when you realised you can't do it afteral! #}

      They'd probably put them on tighter if anything. They don't want you slipping out.

      If it's loose, curl your fingers up to make two fists and continue as normal

    You'd never be bound like that either, you'd have your arms crossed first which makes this technique nearly impossible.

    Don't go acting all terror-isty and you won't have to be bound in zip ties anyway! ;)

      Cops use em all the time, you don't have to be a terror-ister er er! #]

        ....yeah, to zip tie people that have been acting all terror-isty

    the cops don't use this style of zip tie anyway, essentially they separately zip tie your hands behind your back then join the 2 zip ties, very similar to handcuffs.
    Unless you can break the plastic (or your bones) you're stuck.

      Doesn't make a difference. Youtube search "Escaping from Zip Ties: Dual Zip Ties"

      The only secure ones are the expensive ones the police actually use.

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