You Can Only Get Windows 8 Metro Apps From Microsoft’s App Store

You Can Only Get Windows 8 Metro Apps From Microsoft’s App Store

Windows 8 users: The only place you can get more apps for the Metro tablet-style interface is from Microsoft’s own app store, which takes 30 per cent of the profits.It’s not a totally surprising move, seeing as Microsoft is really aiming the Windows 8 Metro interface at a more casual, consumer audience, but following Apple’s iOS model of having a finger in everyone’s pie may not sit well with developers.

The good news for end users is that Microsoft is also telling developers they have to give five licenses for each app to allow installation on five different computers, meaning you can share 1 purchase with your whole family. Good for you, bad for devs.

Microsoft to restrict Metro aps to Windows 8 app store [Neowin]


  • I give it less than a week before its hacked and you can install whatever you want on it…

    …But I give metro 10 seconds before everyone without a touch screen disables it, so who cares.

    note: I haven’t tried it.
    only read/viewed screens, from what I’ve seen so far metro looks to be pretty clumsy (annoying?) with a mouse.

  • I’d imagine eventually products like Microsoft office will become a purchasable app from their app store, so I’m wondering if they put their money where their mouth is allow users to buy 1 copy of Office from their app store and put it on 5 machines. Hope so 🙂

  • Devs expect the exposure and easy point of sale the appstore represents to be available to them without having to pay a percentage?

    This windows store has the potential to become massive, if you want to be a part of it, you have to pay.

    At the end of the day retail stores make a profit on the products they sell too, and if a user can buy one copy of your app and use it on 5 devices they’re more likely to buy it.

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