YNAB Unveils Android App For Budgeting On The Go

YNAB Unveils Android App For Budgeting On The Go

Android: Web service You Need A Budget (YNAB) is one of our favourite apps to help get our money in order and organise our finances, and now the service has unveiled an Android app to make keeping track of your money on the go even easier.

The YNAB app for Android is a companion to the desktop YNAB app, and you have to have the desktop app installed on your computer for the mobile app to work. The app is limited in that you can only add transactions and manage your accounts when your Android device and your desktop are on the same network, but you can view your transactions on the go at any time. The app also allows you to check balances in each budget category on your phone before you make a purchase.

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, YNAB already has an iOS app that has the same features. The new Android app opens the door to Android users as well, and syncs with the YNAB desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Even though the Android app is still limited when it comes to updating your account or adding transactions and it comes with a $4.73 price tag, if you’re already a YNAB user, it’s worth a look.

YNAB for Android [Android Market via YNAB]


  • By some great coincidence I was looking into budgeting solutions yesterday and found YNAB. Cross platform Android (me), iPhone (wife) and PC (htpc at home) were important criteria – using the PC to manage the bigger picture and then to record items on the mobile whilst on the go was what I wanted.

    As an Android user, when I searched YNAB here today and found this release was only a day old when I got it I must say it’s worthy of happy smiles – I couldn’t have timed it better. I will hopefully do a follow up post later on about how it is going.

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