Windows 8 Preview Available For Download Tonight

Windows: If you're eager to give Windows 8 a spin, you'll get your chance starting at 1pm AEST, when Microsoft will make the Windows 8 preview available as an ISO download on their developer website.

You can opt for a 32-bit or 64-bit x86 build; developer tools will be optional.

PCWorld reports that because this is a pre-release code, not a beta release, a clean install is required.

Here's what Windows 8 looks like so far. Will you be giving it an early try?

Windows Dev Center [via PCWorld]


    Looks like Im reformatting/installing this weekend =D

    Either it's not available yet or there's some other reason I can't get to a download link! If anybody finds the download link, could you give us a link? Really would like to try this baby out!

      "you’ll get your chance starting at 1pm AEST"

        Thanks I completely missed the AEST part

      In case you didn't see it, it states "you’ll get your chance starting at 1pm AEST"

      Read article first, then post, thanks

        Obviously I missed that, but why is it necessary to be so bloody rude?

    first time I've seen the term 64bit x86 build used. Prompted me to do some reading to find out that x64 is a shortened name for x86-64, the designation for AMD's 64bit architecture.
    Thanks for the education

    Yep me & my mates will be checking it out! Hoping it will be awesome.

    ooohhh... so tempting...

    Will give it a week for any glaring issues to be found and resolved, then probably will take the plunge. Win7 has been awesome from the get-go and Win8 looks really slick.

      pussy :)

    I've already kept it on download. ! The link is active.

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