What Do You Do When You Need To Relax On The Job?

Ideally you're doing your job because you love it, but that doesn't meant you're never overwhelmed or stressed out. When the pressure of your job pushes your stress needle into the red zone, what do you do to relax and compose yourself?

Earlier today I was reminded of previously mentioned RainyMood, a simple website that loops a relaxing A/V thunderstorm in your browser with the tag that "Rain makes everything better" — and if the gentle sounds of rain and rolling thunder put you in relaxation mode, it's a great bookmark to have handy when you're stressed.

It got us wondering, though: When you get a little overwhelmed, what do you do to relax and compose yourself — particularly when you're on the clock, at your desk, or otherwise engaged in work? Share your favourite tool, breathing technique and other relaxation tips in the comments.


    I always take the book I'm currently reading and will take 20 minutes to go and read a chapter or two.

    rainymood is blocked at my work.
    I usually go for a walk outside and get some fresh air.

    Then maybe gizmodo/lifehacker

    I Internet.

    No, really. Ten minutes on something stupid like zooborns or regretsy, and I'm good to go for another few hours.

      ...The fact that I use the Internet to relax is actually quite worrying, so I'll also throw in there the Ambiance app for iPhone - a brilliant relaxing-sound app that you can also filter your iPod music through.

      I've been searching for it for Android for months and haven't seen it (come ON, guys!), so I haven't fully let go of my old iPhone 3G just yet.

    the problem is if you over use it - you start to associate your relax technique with the stress

    Keeps me chilled with difficult clients on the phone and once a week someone in the office gets a new hat.
    Everyone wins.

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