What Do You Do During A Power Outage?

Sometimes you need to disconnect, but other times the power goes out and you don't have a choice. You were in the middle of work, a game, or whatever, and now you're forced to stop. What do you do? How do you finish your work, stave off boredom, or simply survive without the modern conveniences that electricity brings?

For two years the power company and I had a rocky relationship where I'd try to give them money for the electricity they provided and they wouldn't take it. This has since been resolved, but it used to mean my power was shut off every couple of months. At first I found it annoying, but then it became somewhat of a ritual where I'd be forced to disconnect and figure out something different to do. If it happened during the work day I'd find somewhere new to get things done and enjoy the change of environment. If it happened afterwards, I'd spend the evening drawing, find a friend to see or talk to, or go exploring a new area I hadn't been before. For me it ended up being a pleasant experience (with the exception of dealing with the power company each time). Also, I bought an uninterruptible power supply.

What do you to prepare for a power outage and how to you keep yourself working and/or entertained? Let us know in the comments.


    I've noticed the past few years, random power outages during the summer months would usually come in the evenings, around 10-11pm. When the power went out, I would just go to sleep. Usually it was all fixed in the morning.

    Drive around the neighbourhood to and pretend that it's some knind of Alien/zombie apocolypse :D

    Awesome with no lights on just the lights of your car, nothing else.

    After Yasi hit I was without power for 4 days. After the winds and rain had died down, spent most of the time wandering around the neighborhood and parks to check out the damage. iPad held it's charge fairly well and luckily a mate in the next suburb had underground power and hadn't lost it at all (he was playing WoW during the cyclone) so I used his power to recharge.

    I usually take a walk and go for some icecream. Or I'll read through my library backlog. Studying doesn't enter into the scheme of things at all 8)

    My MP3 player has a battery life of around 60 hours, and I have a big library of podcasts. I've also got my phone, my DS, and my Kindle.

    Grab some friends, some red wine, and bunker down!

      Friends?? You mean, you aren't glued to a gadget your whole life? :D

    I went out and bought a 1500cc UPS a few months ago to put on my server. One thing my server does is run MythTV. Sooo... when the power goes out.. all the otehr coptuers and TV goes off, but the server stays running for a good 4 and a half hours. All I do is turn the monitor on the MythTV server and watch TV from where I left off. Power dosn't normally tend to stay off for more than a few hours at a time.

    Router is hooked up to a UPS and the assortment of phones, laptops and tablets in the house have their own battery backup baked in. The router only draws around 25W so it's good for around 4hrs on the UPS

    I had that problem, so I wrote this http://www.jackcola.org/blog/84-what-to-do-when-you-dont-have-electricity

    1: Create frame to hold pan from coathanger.
    2: Place candle under pan and put water in pan.
    3: When water has boiled use to ensure caffeine supply is adequate.

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