Vodafone To Sell iPad 2 Via Contract Deals

One of the few complaints you hear about the iPad is that you have to buy it outright; unlike mobile phones and many tablets, it isn't currently available on contract in Australia as part of a 3G service. That could change soon, with Vodafone announcing that it will begin selling the iPad 2 on contract deals "in the coming weeks".

There are two obvious issues with this announcement. Firstly, it's Vodafone, which still has a pretty patchy reputation when it comes to network performance (and it's not yet clear how much difference its ongoing 850MHz upgrade will make). Secondly, we don't have any pricing details, so it's hard to assess whether it will be a worthwhile investment (or whether you'd be better off getting a personal loan and a prepaid SIM plan if you don't have the cash up-front.)

Where possible, we tend to favour buying devices outright here at Lifehacker. Signing up to a contract means you're stuck with a gadget that will probably get updated in that time, and on a network whose performance might degrade (or become non-existent if you move house).

That said, the dominance of the contract model for phones suggests that many of us like to budget that way, so we'll watch this one with interest. Vodafone has indicated there will be both 12 and 24-month contract options. You can register for updates on the plans as they are announced at the link below.



    Thanks, but I'll stick with my $149 TouchPad.

    Nowadays it's hard for me to stick to a 2 year contract.. every year there's always something new coming.. sometimes it's best to just buy it outright for a year. Then sell it next year + get a new one :D

    Oh well, depends on how addicted you are to technology, I guess :( I'm way over...

    I hope this works out. Been wanting an iPad for ages now, but can't justify dropping $700. I was going to get the Wifi and thether it, but this might be a better option. Hopefully details emerge soon.

    As much as I like Vodafone, if it's anything like their Android tablet deals - they will be misleading on the costs.

    24 months plans currently cost $15p/m for 1.5gb data & $29 for 6gb data. At the time of the Samsung 10.1v launch I believe the pricing was $15 for 1.5gb, $29 for 4gb & $39 for 8gb.

    The Samsung 10.1v plans were $39 for 1.5gb & $53 for 6gb. A clever way of masking the hardware costs, and I'll wager there will be similar hidden fees with the iPad2 deals.

      That isn't dishonest, it is quite typical for hardware to have a monthly cost.

    I wish Telstra offered such plans. But I will wait for the iPad 3 to consider getting a tablet.

    iPad finally on a 3g network, but it's Vodaphone, Australia's worst coverage 3g network.
    Oh well.

    As long as the total cost (monthly *12/24) is equal or comparative to the retail cost and not network locked, then effectively you're paying the device in installments without interest.

    Telstra will also be sporting the iPad 2 on a contract shortly!

    Apple trying to squeeze out customers before Galaxy Tab 10.1?

    For the past couple of months, TelcoGreen has been offering iPad2 on 24 months contracts on Optus network.


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