Vodafone Network Checker Finds Planned 3G Upgrades In Your Area

Vodafone Network Checker Finds Planned 3G Upgrades In Your Area

Vodafone’s attempted solution to its year of poor performance is a bunch of network upgrades around the country. A tool on its site lets you check what works have been completed or are planned in your area, as well as identifying current performance issues.

Throw your postcode into the tool and you’ll see what work is completed and planned. It’s pretty evident that Vodafone saying that it has completed upgrades doesn’t always translate into better performance, and I suspect many people are taking a “once burned, twice shy” approach to the company. However, if you are contemplating a Vodafone option, it’s definitely worth checking the site first across any locations you regularly visit.

Vodafone Network Checker


  • “…completed upgrades doesn’t always translate into better performance.”

    Sounds like they are really doing a good job fixing the problem.

    Quote from Vodafone blog earlier this year:

    “Customers in upgraded areas can expect to see stronger coverage and greater reliability from the Vodafone network, and ultimately – as we continue to introduce other new technologies and capacity into the network throughout the year – they will experience better indoor coverage and faster data speeds,”

    “Vodafone engineers will install and switch on the latest mobile network at five existing base stations at and around Ourimbah on the NSW Central Coast. The new equipment is capable of delivering 2G, 3G and, later, 4G or Long Term Evolution (LTE) from a single base station site.
    The five sites will be the first of 44 base station sites that Vodafone will upgrade from Ourimbah, throughout Newcastle City and suburbs, and along a north-west corridor stretching to Springvale in the Hunter Valley.
    Once Vodafone has installed the new equipment at the first five sites, work will pause over the Easter and Anzac Day public holidays, before recommencing in earnest during the early hours from Wednesday 27 April. Vodafone will conduct all work in a series of stages scheduled for the early hours of the morning at the 44 sites, completing the installation phase of the project by 3 May, 2011. Vodafone will then spend the next six weeks drive-testing and tuning the network in the Hunter to optimise performance to deliver the best possible customer experience of the network.”


    Last I heard from the Network Service Team during one of my MANY complaints and trouble shooting investigations was that the “upgrade” (term used loosely), was to be completed in October 2011.

    /Fred (still waiting…)

  • Many sites due for completion in Jun 2012.

    I suggest we al port away and stay clear and give Vodafone another 12 months before coming back and taking a closer look at what they’ve achieved at that time.

  • I’ve been a VF customer for over 15 years, i’m so over this sh!t with their service. I take more voicemail calls then actual phones during the day because of bad reception, I work in the CBD of Darwin and have constant bad service, I live in the northern suburbs of Darwin and I also get zero reception in my home. I can’t wait till my contract finishes in Dec so I can change over to Telstra. VF you have already lost yourself a long life customer!

    • You might not even have to call the TIO.
      I had no service at my house when I was with 3 (now I’m with VF I’ve not had any issues), and after just a few months I’d had enough. I made a few calls find out about getting out of my contract (they would let me out with a tiny discount on the remainder of the contract providing I went to VF). Being a student I didn’t have that kind of money upfront, and frankly I didn’t want to pay it as i wasn’t getting the service that I signed up for. After getting the phone repaired I called them again and told them as much, and this time they let me out of my contract and waived the exit fee.
      I get the impression from my experience and from hearing from other people that it can depend on who you talk to as much as anything else.

  • My sole experience with Vodafone was standing in one of their stores in suburban Adelaide with my Mum’s handset (on Voda) getting 0 bars! My phone (on Optus) was getting 5 bars!
    In the end, to get service, we had to step outside the store to get any service!
    Surely they could have implemented one of their Femtocells in store to help themselves out!

  • I can’t wait for my Vodafone experience to be over. Come iPhone 5 i’ll be telling them to jam their crap service and moving to another carrier.

    Their marketing machine is all propaganda. My “Area” has been upgraded 5 times in the last 12 months and I still lose services when a bird flies over/dogs barks/I walk under a tree.. etc etc…

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