Use Silicone Baking Moulds To Bake Single-Serving Meals

If you're often the "too busy to cook" type of person, the answer to your after-work cooking woes may lie in simple silicone baking moulds that you can use to bake or freeze single serving meals that are easy to serve and store.

Photo by Maggie Hagedorn.

The best foods that work with this trick are ones that are easily prepared or stored in "brick" form. In fact, when he sent over this tip, Twitter user @bodrell called his creations "food bricks", which could be anything from homemade chicken soup poured into the moulds and then frozen (which allows him to pop out one brick for a cup of soup when he wants without thawing the entire pan) to a baked casserole that can be baked right in the silicone pan and served by removing a brick or two and putting it on a plate.

It's a pretty useful trick, and silicon moulds aren't too expensive, like this one at Amazon. Do you have any single-serving food storage hacks to share? Leave them in the comments below.

Thanks to @bodrell for sending in the tip!


    Old irish joke. Parent to children playing outside: "Come in to the house. Your dinner's poured out.”

    Does anyone know where you might find a 'food brick' recipe or blog around the topic?

      There is a book published by a couple of Mum's who uses this system. Look at

    Is freezer burn going to be an issue at all when using these moulds without a cover of any sort?

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