Turn A Lamp On And Off Just By Touching It With This DIY Tweak

Lamp switches can be kind of a pain — either you can't reach them comfortably, they break within a few months, or they just take a lot of force. With an inexpensive touch switch, you can turn any metal lamp on and off just by touching it with your finger.

DIY website Instructables has a guide to hooking a touch switch up to your metal lamp, and it's a pretty cool tweak — not to mention surprisingly useful. The touch switch requires digging into the wiring of the lamp, but it shouldn't be too hard, even if you aren't an electronics guru — the tutorial on Instructables coupled with the touch switch's manual should be more than enough to get you set up. Hit the link to see more about how it works.

"Simple" Conversion of Metal Lamp to Use Touch Switch [Instructables]


    Why do you guys keep putting articles that require an electrician to do in Australia? I have no doubt that it's an easy project, but it is illegal to do this here! I hate to be a wet blanket, but this is clearly a US post!..

      Because you need an electrician to mess with mains power, but not to alter standalone items like a lamp.

        Ah, so as long as it's not connected to the mains you are aloud to make changes to electronics? That is something I wasn't aware of, in fact, I've been given conflicting information about this sort of thing in the past, when I wanted to build a lighting system and looking for parts, I was told only electricians can do that! Seems there's either a grey area here or misinformation from the sparky?

          Quite possibly a bit of both :)

          You only need a license to work on mains power, e.g. wiring a house or adding another powerpoint in a room. However, projects like this are fine because although they run off the mains they aren't part of it. It's the reason why all those schoolkids in science don't need a license to use lab power supplies.

    IMHO - I "think" it may not be kosher to run CAT 5 around your house without being an electrician... but many folks do this anyway?

      Ethernet doesn't use dangerous amounts of electricity! #]

        Its not kosher to run CAT 5 internally in walls without the right ticket.

        The issue is not the danger to people from the current its seen as being able to be connected to the telephone POTS system (yes I know that's a double up) and either foul it up or burn your house down. The carriers and your insurance will not cover you if you install it yourself in the walls.

        For some crazy reason cables on the floor aren't counted as being a problem despite the only difference being the wall plate and tidiness. Maybe its that you normally take them when you leave, where as walled cables stay.

        It seems one of those things that's a relic of the past with no scientific backing to it now. You could just as easily plug your rj12 cable into the LAN port of anything and have the same issue with a wall point or loose cable.

          Hmm, I've hooked up several Cat6 cables from my PC to my various outlets! Probably just as well it's all under the house then eh? #]

    I have it on good authority (Living in a house of electricians) that this isn't exactly illegal, however you will be liable for any property damage, injury or even death as a result of the modifications you made to a household item.

    Basically, if that lamp short-circuits, or isn't earthed and someone receives a deadly 240 volt shock, you will be charged for manslaughter, no ifs or buts.

    Errr.... anyone noticed one minor and potentially devastating problem....? America runs at 110volts and Australia at 240 volts. This is downright dangerous if you really don't know what you're doing..! Nice idea, but shouldn't this article be pulled in case anyone decides to involuntarily kill themselves? Go buy a certified and real one at K-Mart or BigW if you really want one.

      Pretty sure it will work on 240, it's no different than buying a plug adaptor for your shaver! #]

    WTF are people doing to their lamp switches that cause them to break within a few months?

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