Tomorrow Is BYO Cup Day At 7-Eleven

Fancy a slurpee? For tomorrow (September 21) only, you can bring any cup you like to a 7-Eleven store and fill it for $2.60.

OK, there are a few rules: there's a size limit on cups of 230mm by 260mm, they have to be clean and free from holes, and you can only fill them once. But if you've been dying to down a slurpee from an ancient sporting trophy or your souvenir mug from Mildura, this is your chance.


    I'm bringing a trough.

      Be sure to vote for me and Mr Potato Head

    230mm x 260mm pffft! That's only like 10 litres!

      Ummm, closer to 600mL - though I like how your math works!

        ...hang on. Wait. Fuck. You're right. And worse still, there's no 7-eleven near me.

    "size limit on cups of 230mm by 260mm"

    When was the last time anyone measured their cups by height x width? One would think volume would be easier.

      Pity they missed depth - can end up with a bloody big cup!

        Cups are cylinders which you only have 2 dimensions for, diameter (or radius) and depth.

          It's still a massive cup, 23cm wide and 26cm tall...

            that's it! i'm going down there with a bucket!

    Hell yeah... i am brining one of my big 44 gallon drums i have lying around.

      Damn... i should have read the whole thing and not the headline.

      Sorry... my bad.

    How much is a Slurpee anyway?
    Bring your own cup & still pay $2.60... Hardly seems worth it...

    For some reason, the phrase "fill your boots, mate" comes to mind.

    Anyone feel like accepting the challenge?

    I'm confused about the size limit 230mm by 260mm that's bout a 2 Ltr or 4 Ltr ice cream tub right?I mean 23 cm by 26 cm?Or do they mean with a radius of 230mm by 260mm like a paint can?

    I'm confused, Surely they can't mean 260mm in diameter by 260mm by length? According to the all knowing internet thats about 13.8 litres. . .

      Sorry. . . misread a bit, still with the same calculations it still equals up to 10.8 Litres (as someone mentioned earlier) that can't be right. . .?

        I believe there's also a height limit (it has to fit under the dispenser).

          Nothing saying that you can't use some PVC or a hose to attach to the dispenser nozzle...

          Just a thought.


      Press release from 7-Eleven. (Surprised myself it wasn't more prominent on their site.)

        Link to this press release please? Would look pretty silly turning up to 7-11 with a (clean) paint bucket saying 'slurpee pl0x' and not get any.

      It's on their Facebook page as well.

    lol 10L of slurpee, I'd pay you if you achieved such a feat

    lame, the real challenge is finding a huge cup and seeing if you can shock the cash attendant.

    wouldnt it be length by width?

    and plus that dog bowl looks more than 230 by 260

    seems they aint so strict. watercooler moment?

    I found out about BYO cup day by signing up to a few different sites that alert you of different deals that are going on in your area or that you are eligible for. These sites are a great way to find out about all the cool free stuff that gets around. I'm particularly a fan of all the free things you can get on your birthday - free Boost Juice, free donuts, free ice-creams...!

    My dad used to fill one of those big round dispensing coolers with gatorade for my soccer practices for the team at 7/11 and it was only 69 cents. He said you could do that with any cup you wanted for the soda,, not the slurpees though. Not sure if you can still byo cup for sodas.

    this is a great example of how big it has to be. They have a piece of card that the vessel has to fit through

    Last year i filled a KFC Bucket, they have a cardboard cutout near the machine, if it doesn't fit through the hole, then you can't use it.

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