The New Windows 8 Shortcuts

Windows 8! You've checked it out and possibly even installed it by now, but with a new user interface comes new shortcuts. Russian Windows site made a useful list of global and Windows Explorer shortcuts.

Because the original list is in Russian, it's a little hard to understand exactly what they do. But the Google translation should be good enough to get you started.

New global hotkeys Windows 8 [ via NirmalTV]


    Anyone run this on a netbook? how is the performance side by side with W7?

      Don't know about on a netbook, but comparing against Win 7 on a mid-range 2 year old laptop, Win 8 flies.

    Not so much use in tablet mode, when there are no keys!

      That's a bit like complaining about mouse-shortcuts without a mouse, although I'm sure tablet mode will still retain the pop-up soft-keyboard...

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