The Information Galaxy Home Screen

Reader Minhtam.nguyen created this lock screen that gives him the date, his calendar, and the weather all without ever needing to unlock his phone.

Here's what you need to put this home screen together:

The coolest part of this lock screen, however, is the rotating wallpaper. Minhtam's set up a rotating wallpaper with Tasker that grabs a new wallpaper from NASA's Astronomy Pic of the Day. You can find more information on how to do that on this XDA thread.

The Information Galaxy Home Screen [Lifehacker Show and Tell Desktop Pool]


    Nice stuff. Got a bit of a GeekTool/rainmeter look to it

    Any of this require Rooting your phone?

      Shouldn't do. I am running both widgetlocker and MT for my own custom lock screen - still yet to be bothered rooting (my phone that is) :P

      There is one function in Widget Locker which requires root but for the most part no.

      I bought the app but I found myself going back to the stock lockers because custom lockers don't feel very solid and they would sometimes do some funny things when waking the phone. I don't think this is the fault of widget locker, but more so of how android handles lock screens?

      After seeing this nice lock screen I might have to give it another go though!

    no, this does not require rooting your phone, only patience to get it all lined up correctly.
    but WL cost a couple of bucks.

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