Telstra Tempts Wholesalers With Its Next G Network

Telstra Tempts Wholesalers With Its Next G Network

Five years on, Telstra’s defrosted to the idea of wholesaling its 3G service to the likes of Pacnet, Dodo and Internode. According to The Australian, proceedings could kick into action as early as next year.

The article doesn’t go into details — Telstra unsurprisingly reluctant to bare its soul — but it does mention that Telstra’s speedy 3G network is quite the money printer, making up the lion’s share of the $8.1 billion in polymer notes its mobile business has delivered so far this year.

The Oz has a Telstra representative on the record stating that wholesaling its Next G network had always been a possibility, but only at such at time it was “commercially viable”. The slice of the pie offered would also be, at the very least, as good as what other providers currently deliver.

Telstra opens Next G to junior wholesalers [The Australian]


  • The reason for this is Telstra is now ready to announce the release of its LTE network in Major Cities.

    They’ll still have the ace with the best speed network. LTE won’t be resold but NextG will..

  • Three mobile has access to the next G network (850) but the limitation is where the 2G network is outside city areas. ( But the catch is you’d pay extra for data)

    “As good as what the other providers deliver” probably includes coverage. I.e. if they are the only provider in the area they will probably keep it that way.

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