Telstra Adds 500GB Plan, Increases Mobile Broadband Quotas

It’s not quite a terabyte plan, but a revamp of Telstra’s BigPond broadband and mobile broadband plans has seen it introduce a new 500GB per month plan, simplify the criteria for its bundling deals and add some extra data to contract mobile broadband. All the details (and the catch) after the jump.

The 500GB plan costs $119.95 a month standalone, and is shaped to 256/64 after that. You can get $20 off a month if you also have a landline. Even at $99.95, that’s still far from the cheapest option out there; for instance (and right off the top of my head), if you’re in a suitable TPG catchment zone, you can get an unlimited service for $59.95 a month.

On the mobile broadband front, there’s been an extra gigabyte of data added to the $49.95 plan (up from 3GB to 4GB) and the $59.95 plan (up from 7GB to 8GB). There’s also a new 15GB plan which costs $99.95 a month, replacing the previous 12GB option. To get a full $20 off a month on these plans, you’d also need to have landline and either home Internet, mobile or Foxtel from Telstra.

The main catch? If you’re an existing customer and you want the new plans, you need to actually switch manually — you won’t get the benefit automatically. And while you might be tempted, there’s a good reason to pause: if you want to take advantage of the $20 off a month (presuming you have qualify), you’ll likely get signed up to another 24-month contract. If your contract is close to expiring, you’d certainly want to check around for rival offers before signing up.

(Note that all the prices Telstra quotes in its announcement assume you’ve got a landline and other products and are claiming the $20 a month benefit. We’ve quoted the standalone prices here.)

Better value again for all BigPond customers [Telstra Exchange]

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