Tax Refunds: Hitting The 94% Goal

Tax Refunds: Hitting The 94% Goal

In its latest update on refund processing, the ATO says in August hit its target of processing 94 per cent of electronically submitted returns within 14 days. We already knew that it hadn’t quite met that goal in July, but the process seems to be back on track. Which is, of course, not much help if you happen to be in the other 6 per cent. [ATO]


  •’s a story you don’t hear from the ATO….they have had my claim since 7th of July (submitted through etax) and after about 6 phone calls and escalation of my claims and finding no apparent problem with my claim, i still haven’t received my refund of roughly 6.5k…

    and yes most of you are gonna jump the gun and say maybe he’s got something dodgy that they are checking out first…let me assure you that’s certainly not true, also shouldn’t they be contacting me and letting me know what’s going on instead of just saying hmm give it another two weeks if you haven’t received it yet, then give us a call and we’ll see what’s going on….

    anyways…here’s my 2cents…thanks

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