SMS To Text For Android Backs Up Your Messages As A Text File

Android: If your SMS messages are taking up too much space on your Android phone but you're not ready to give them up, SMS to Text is a free Android app that stores all of your text messages as a text file on your SD card for easy backup.

SMS to Text isn't the only utility that backs up your text messages, but it works well. You can sort messages by contact-so you can just download all of the text messages from your best friend or family, for example-or by date, incoming or outgoing, phone number, or you can just save them all. The messages are then written to a text file or a CSV, depending on which you select, and it's saved to your phone's SD card.

SMS to Text is completely free and available in the Android App Market now. Do you back up your SMS messages, or just delete them when they take up too much space? Let us know in the comments below.

SMS to Text [Android App Market via SMS to Text Facebook Page]


    SMS Backup+

    Backs your SMSes up to your GMail account under a nice new folder called 'SMS' (user definable).

    Another cool feature is it can also log your call history - even inserting them into a calendar within your Google Calendar (at the correct date/time and includes info such as duration, whether ingoing/outgoing). I personally choose to not show this calendar in my web or app calendar views but it's great to have behind the scenes as a permanent record.

      SMS Backup+ is meh. I find it unreliable, and from memory, it doesn't have a built in scheduler (though it does feature Tasker integration - though that's thanks to Tasker's dev). Plus, I have enough crap in gmail, without stuffing SMSes in there too.

      I've been using SMS Backup & Restore. Keeps backups on the SD card, has a reliable scheduler, and a small footprint.

        Judging by your comments, you haven't used it at all. Pretty much every statement you just made is absolutely incorrect.

        1. It does have a built-in scheduler. Triggered both by 'x' minutes after an SMS is received, and by 'y' hours duration.
        2. "Tasker integration" is using intents, which is provided by and supported by SMS Backup+
        3. It doesnt 'stuff SMS' in your Gmail, it tags them as "SMS" (or whatever you choose to tag them) and thus in a separate folder to your incoming email anyway

        I have SMS Backup+ running on an i7500 (Samsung's first Android device) which has all of 128MB of RAM and a 500Mhz old-skool processor. It has 3700 hours of uptime running the site my name links to, and SMS Backup+ has performed flawlessly the entire time. If it can run on that, it can run on anything. It also runs on my Huawei U8800, Huawei U8150, Galaxy S (with around 15,000 SMS... urgh) and Motorola Defy too.

        Storing your backups on the SD card is fine if all youre doing is flashing ROMs, and changing devices. But what if you lose your phone? Backing up to the cloud offers many more advantages.

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