Save Time Cooking By Learning Essential Knife Skills

Save Time Cooking By Learning Essential Knife Skills

Unless you were taught how to hold a knife properly, you may be gripping it inefficiently. For more control when cooking, check out the video above on proper knife grips, or see the video above to learn how to chop safely.

For the large chef’s knife, you’ll want to bring your hand up so your thumb and pointing finger are higher up on the handle of the knife—”choke up” the knife. The paring knife grip is similar, with your thumb actually on the blade of the knife.

If you’re concerned about getting cut, grip your knife tightly “like the butt of a pistol”, and make sure your fingers are tucked away from the bottom of the knife.

We’ve featured many basic knife handling skills previously, including how to sharpen a kitchen knife and knife-handling secrets from Jamie Oliver.

Learning basic knife skills will save you time in the kitchen. Got any cooking hacks or tips to share with us? We’re all ears in the comments


  • Bugger,.. I already knew how to sharpen the chefs knife, I wanted him to show me how to sharpen the serrated carving knife, which I generally only use for cutting bread!!

    • Unless you are cutting tree bark with your bread knife, its sharpness will outlive you =) That is, you don’t have to sharpen them. They’ll keep longer than you’ll own then. HTH…

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