RTW Fare Comparison Tool Helps You Cheaply Fly Round The World

RTW Fare Comparison Tool Helps You Cheaply Fly Round The World

Round-the-world fares can represent one of the cheaper ways to fly, especially if you want to make a couple of stops on different continents, but many comparison tools (and airline sites) do a poor job of demonstrating what’s on offer. The prosaically-named Round-The-World Fare Comparison Tool lets you see which major options are available.

While the site offers a lot of different fare types from all the major carrier groups, it does have one big disadvantage from an Australian perspective: it only examines routes from Sydney. While Sydney does attract a large chunk of incoming international flights, many of the cheaper fares do end up routing through Brisbane or Perth. So it’s more useful in suggesting a likely price (and perhaps identifying fares you wouldn’t have thought of) than as an actual booking tool.

Round the world trips represent one of the few occasions where I suspect a travel agent is useful anyway; the last time I was contemplating one, my agent actually found point-to-point fares that totalled considerably less than the round-the-world option. However, having some research data before you hit the agent is always helpful. If you’ve got other favourite sites for checking round-the-world fares, share them in the comments.

RTW Fares Comparison [via Boarding Area]


  • Personally I want cheaper options… cant believe you can get a round the world trip in UK for 999 pounds, but in australia their are 3 or 4 time the cost. Their must be a way of flying to singapore and getting a RTW trip starting their and finishing in Aust, and not take the last leg. It would probably still be cheaper… Oh you also cant buy the ones from UK and start in Aust, not allowed? same flights, different starting point… no good apparently…

    just proves we’re ripped off in Aust. for no reason…

    • The concept of not taking one of the flights you have bought to still have a cheaper RTW is very interesting.

      I am trying to book one now, but there are funky tickets that are cheaper than any RTW i can find.

      • I have done very similar in the past; it was cheaper for me to book a ‘return’ ticket from the USA to Sydney (and then back to the USA) then it was to book one-way from the USA to Sydney.

        I booked return and then just didn’t take the return leg. How that makes any sense to the airline I have no idea.

  • PS the one thing about this site is that i cant find many details about the tickets. It would be great if you could plan your trip and it could pick what is the best fare for you.

  • I effectively got two RTW tickets for the price of one. I wanted SYD -> LHR -> SFO -> SYD and the travel agent found me three return tickets SYD LHR, LHR SFO and SFO SYD for $200 more than the “one way” RTW. So I went clockwise around the world back in April and anticlockwise last month.

    Anyway, agree that this site is sort of useful but it doesn’t seem to let you click through to purchase a ticket or at least substantiate its prices. Unless I’m missing something.

  • Hey there, everyone!

    I’m glad so many of you are enjoying the tool. I know that it isn’t fully fleshed out yet but I thought it was far enough along to start sharing and getting some feedback on.

    Chris, to your specific point about the details, I’m definitely working on that. I’ve added the ability to show the specific rules of each fare as of today so that will give some additional information as you start looking at things. And I plan on adding even more data about what the different types of fares are and how they work in the near future as well.

    Please let me know if you’ve got more ideas for features or things that you’d like to see work differently.

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