Repurpose An Ikea Recycling Bin To Make A Shoe Organizer

Suffering from shoe clutter but don't want to use a shoe shelf or over-the-door shoe rack? Remodeling blog Young House Love found that Ikea Retur recycling bins are easily repurposed as cabinets that keep shoes out of sight and easily accessible.

Retur bins are plastic instead of pressboard which works well to for shoes, as they can sometimes be messy on rainy or snowy days. The bins open from the front so you can stack two or threel, and the top works as a mini-valet area that you can keep umbrellas or other frequently-accessed items to grab before going out the door. The bins require no assembly — just anchor the four corners to your wall with screws.

Shoo Shoes, Don't Bother Me [Young House Love]



    Hate to be the one that points out typos but noone else has, so...

    Good idea though, think I'll actually go get one of those bins from ikea, I see it being handy for storage.

    That's so much like the IKEA Trones shoe cabinet

    No way is that big enough for the average woman's shoe collection

    Please get a shoe organizer that could go under the bed!!!

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