Rent Out Your Toilet With Cloo

CLOO is a service designed to help city dwellers make some spare cash by renting out their bathrooms to people who are desperate to find a clean place to pee. Hey, times are tough, and, where there's a need, there's a market.

You can see how the service works in the video above. In their own words:

CLOO' is based on one simple truth- we all have to pee. Though in urban cities finding a clean, available restroom is difficult & frustrating. That's where CLOO' comes in.

CLOO' is a community of registered users who choose to share their bathrooms and make city-living easier, while earning a small profit. Using social media connections, CLOO' shows what friends you have in common with the host, turning a stranger's loo into a friend of a friend's loo.

The next time you're desperate to find a bathroom near you, you can use CLOO' and the power of your social networks to find friends of friends who will let you use their bathroom for a buck or two. I didn't see the app downloadable on CLOO's site yet, but you can follow them on Twitter to get updates and find out when you'll be able to profit from your bathroom.

CLOO [via Buzzfeed]


    Bookstore! Find a bookstore… oh wait there are no more books.

      Pretty soon there will be no more stores either.

    MacDonalds did the trick for me whilst travelling they usually have good facilities, if i was in a place where pay toilets were the norm then they were clean anyway.

    cloo. its a crap social networking idea...

      Well it definitely seems like an attempt to take the piss out of it.

    Inner city dwellers tend never to be far away from a pub.

    Open long hours and for peeing purposes, acceptable.

    Also charging someone to pee.. not cool

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