Remove Bird Poo From Your Car With Soda Water

Bird poo that's landed on your car can greatly damage the paint because of its high acidity, especially if you let it stay for a while. Keep a bottle of soda water in your boot just for this unfortunate occasion.

Photos remixed from originals by wwwesb and Like_the_Grand_Canyon.

Old Car Online says to give the bottle a good shake and spray it on the droppings, then let the soda water wash the stuff off your paint.

Removing Bird Droppings from Your Classic Car [Old Car Online]


    Soda water is quite acidic (pH 3-4), if the bird droppings are also acidic, then you will just exacerbate the problem.

    You may as well just be using water.

    If soda water has a greater effect than plain water, I doubt it is related to acidity.

    I've long since given up on cleaning off bird poo. Doesn't help having a white car, but every time I wash it, the next day it's all back.

    If I had a newer car I might worry more, but bad paint is the least of my problems.

    Car in photo has scratched paint on bumper: irony.

      I just think it's a rather large bird poo

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