Queued.at Lets You Schedule Updates To Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

If you use social networks to share news or update friends on where you'll be and what's going on with you, it can be tempting to overwhelm your followers on Twitter or colleagues on LinkedIn with updates. Instead use Queued.at to schedule and stagger those updates so no one gets sick of you.

Queued.at is similar to previously mentioned Buffer, another service that allows you to stagger and schedule your updates over a period of time. The difference is that while Buffer makes it easy to snip and save items from the Web, Queued.at makes you add entries manually, one at a time. At the same time, Queued.at is free (at least during beta,) tracks clicks and retweets so you can see how well your message is getting out, and you can schedule as many updates as you choose.

They do offer an "enterprise" plan for $US99/month, which allows you the ability to post to multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and offers more analytics. Still, the free plan will be enough for almost all users who just want an easy way to schedule posts without overwhelming their friends and followers.



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