Planning For A Teachers’ Strike

Planning For A Teachers’ Strike

There’s a teachers’ strike in NSW today, which inevitably leads to grumbles from parents who face last-minute changes to their day-to-day school drop-off and child-minding arrangements. What are your coping strategies when that happens?

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Not everyone hates strikes, of course. Lots of kids are happy to have the day off, and for commuters, trains and buses become a lot less crowded. But for parents, the normal workday routine gets disrupted. While most schools end up with a skeleton staff, not all parents are happy to send their kids in for an entirely unstructured day.

Anyway, I’m wondering: what tactics do Lifehacker readers use to deal with unexpected school strikes? Share your coping strategies and thoughts in the comments.


  • My sister is a teacher and i was talking to her about this yesterday.

    From what she was saying, i don’t think the teacher’s really enjoy doing this kind of thing either. If anyone had to put up with the shit she does, i can really understand why drastic measures come into the teachers just being heard.

    Parents are wankers anyway- Leave your kid’s teacher alone! You don’t know best.

    • “my sister is a teacher … parents are wankers anyway” not sure where to start with this. Probably best to move on: my wife is at home today so we organised for other kids from school to stay at our place. We support the teachers’ strike action btw. Everyone at home was happy this morning except me.

  • Students should carry a Lisa Simpson strike preparedness kit. Contains cafeteria style imitation fish sticks. maths books and a tape recording:

    “Eyes forward. No talking. Is that gum? Is that gum? Is that gum?”

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