One Dodgy Indian Scam Caller Has Its Microsoft Certification Revoked

We've warned readers repeatedly that calls claiming to be from Microsoft that have detected an issue with your PC are invariably a scam. That remains the case, but in an interesting twist, it turns out that one of the Indian companies involved in placing those scam calls was actually a Microsoft certified partner.

Nicole Kobie at PC Pro reports that Indian company Comantra has had its "gold partner" status revoked after Microsoft determined that it was one source of those dubious calls. While that's a good start, I reckon it would be better if Microsoft took legal action as well; not actually being an "official" partner isn't going to stop those charlatans continuing with their practices.

Microsoft is the most prominently-cited name with this kind of scam, but as we reported earlier in the year, some callers now claim to be from Telstra. Whatever the company name, the rule is simple: no-one is going to ring you to help you fix a newly-detected problem on your computer. It's a con. If you get one of these calls, just hang up. (If you want to be rude to the caller first, we're not going to argue with you.)

Microsoft dumps partner over support call scam [PC Pro via AVG]


    "If you want to be rude to the caller first, we’re not going to argue with you"
    Oh good! Cos I've been melting their ears for months! #]

      Since, I know a bit of Hindi, the last call I received from em, I BLASTED them with Hindi slangs and foul words, they were is shock and wispers amongst themselves followed by silence and an abrubt disconnection..., as I ended with something relating to the Mumbai underworld with some Don called Shetty ! Was Soo FreKin funny, had to be there to hear it... !!! LOOOOL

    I'm a proponent of pretending to be clueless with computers and seeing how long it takes them to get frustrated and hang up. There's only so many times somebody can hear 'I did that, it's not working' before they give up hope.

    or alternatively, play along and tell them you're using linux at the end.

      did that the first time, I said was using mac

      Rang back the next day saying they were from Mac.

        Did they then proceed to tell you to follow the exact same instructions for Windows?

        Or even better, get you to dual boot into Windows so then tell you that you have a problem on your new installation?

      I did this. I was telling the truth, too. They just hung up on me.

      I actually don't think they've called back since.

      I lead them on for a good 45 minutes, then proclaim "But I don't have the internet!"

        Last time they rang me I kept them on the phone for 30 minutes, explained to them that I was new to using a computer, he ended up being so frustrated that he told me that he'd call back in half an hour, he actually rang me back. I kept him on the line for another 45 minutes only to point out that I didn't have the internet. I think I heard a little sob from him when he realised I'd wasted over an hour of his time trying to explain what internet explorer was.

      That is exactly what I did 2 weeks ago, it was so funny :)

    It won't make a difference whether or not they have microsoft "gold".

    The cold callers shit me so much - especially the ones who just hang up. If you're going to attempt to fleece me, the least you could do is be polite about it.

    Just one more reason to not plug a phone into the hme phone line. Crank callers just get the engaged signal.

    I talk to them to waste their time and put on some porn in the background to creep them out lol.

    I've been thinking of setting up a VM thats totally blank... following their instructions and letting them in... They'll ahve nothing on me.. cuz its gona be blank and totally nothing they can do about it no information to grab nothing nice and decent to play with.. suckers :P

      If you do that, make it awesome:
      1) Run win95/win98 in the VM
      2) Take it down to 32mb of ram and maybe 200mhz
      3) Load it up with crapware - millions of toolbars, bonzibuddy, etc
      4) Fill the desktop with weird porn and corrupt files named 'my credit card and bank passwords.txt'
      5) Screencap the whole session for future reference.

        Also, download those sickening but real beheading/terrorist killing videos and play them for the scammers. Should traumatise most of them for life. :)

        Just turn away from the video and not watch it yourself...

      I did exactly that, started up a VM with Ubuntu on it and let them connect. Took them a good 10 minutes of searching around for control panel before one of them realised it was linux and asked me to boot back into windows. I said there are windows right next to me, i can see my dog out of them.

    If you can get the phone number of two different crank callers, call them both at same time, mute your phone and join their calls together. Then listen as they try their 'magic' on each other.

    I have found that going HELLOOO?? after they say hello, and then just mumble some gibberish, then say HELLOO?? again, makes for the funniest calls. They try so desperatly to communicate with you and start their scam or sales pitch.
    Hello sir!

    Never called back. Hillariousness

    I've got three calls in three days, each time I told them I'm a MCP and they hung up promptly. Kinda hope they call back again. Got Win8 in a VM, like to see what they could do to that.

    I once managed to convince the caller that he'd rung a radio station and was the 101st caller and had won a holiday to Fiji with $5000 spending money.
    One of the best laughs I've ever had, especially after finishing with "So, how does it feel to have your time wasted with a lie?" (may or may not have added a few insults on the end)

    now why i never did recevied calls like this?

    oh yeah...never plugged the phone line anyway...silly me

    I'm not racist but because of these scams, whenever I hear an Indian accent on the other line, I just hang up. Then again most people contact me via mobile so anyone trying to call me via the landline are just telemarketers.

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