New Kindle Models Bad News For Woolworths

New Kindle Models Bad News For Woolworths

The newly-announced Kindle Fire and Kindle price reductions mean Amazon is offering more choice in its e-book reader range than ever. The Fire tablet and the other new models can only be pre-ordered by US customers at this stage, but even so, that could be bad news for Woolworths, which has recently begun selling the device through its Big W and Dick Smith brands.

The fact that it’s only selling a small percentage of the total Kindle range does not work in Woolworths’ favour, nor does the lower pricing for buying models direct from Amazon (this morning, the basic 6-inch model is $136 including shipping from Amazon, compared to $159 from Big W). As well, if you’ve been contemplating a Kindle and know new models are due soon, buying one at all might seem less appealing.

With that said, the lack of a confirmed international release date does mean that if you’re thinking of buying someone a Kindle for Christmas, the existing range (rather than the new models) is all you have to work with in any case. Thoughts?


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