Need A Purse On The Cheap? This Is What MacGyver Would Do

Practical. Thrifty. Stylish, especially if you're Melburnian. If you're looking to impress that special someone who, like most of us, happens to be a stark-raving MacGyver fan, then this duct tape purse might just be the perfect gift.

Instructables has all the steps you need to make this sticky and apparently "high quality" fashion item. Highly recommended are two full rolls of duct tape, and you'll want to make sure they're alternating colours, otherwise it won't look anywhere near as good as this one, which to me resembles a toffee apple.

Bonus points to anyone who can make a clasp for it using only a paper clip.

High Quality Duct Tape Purse [Instructables]


    I can't think of a female over 12 that would use this, even ironically.

    What's the point of a crappy looking mangled paper clip when it stays closed with magnetic strips hidden under the tape. That's why i designed it that way ;)

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