Mudgee Tourism Gets Its Own iPhone App

We mentioned the first example of a country launching its own official mobile app, so it only seems fair to do the same for a similar Australian offering. Mudgee claims to have the first tourist authority-endorsed app in NSW covering an entire region, offering guidance on accommodation, attractions (including the all-important wineries), restaurants and other tourist info.

We'd have liked to see an Android version as well, but appreciate that Singapore (which does do that) probably had a larger budget. The app is a free download.

Mudgee Region Tourist Guide [iTunes]


    I'm finding it really difficult to (personally) find a use for niche apps like these. In the case of the Mudgee Tourist App, checking an app store/the market to see if there's any applicable apps available isn't the first thing that crosses my mind when I'm about to travel.

    If there was ever an argument for just having a mobile friendly website, this would be it!

    @Sam, because there is not enough signal for website browsing in Mudgee!

    The irony is I just arrived in Mudgee for the weekend with an Android phone......

      That is unfortunate but not ironic.

      Ironic would be arriving in Mudgee to find there wasn't enough reception to download the app.

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