Mouse Without Borders Shares Your Mouse, Keyboard And Files Between Two Windows Computers

Windows: If you use multiple computers at the same desk, it's annoying to use multiple sets of mice and keyboards. Free app Mouse Without Borders lets you share your mouse and keyboard with other machines, and even drag and drop files between them.

We've talked about apps that do this before, Mouse Without Borders is even more powerful. Not only can you drag your mouse between monitors, but you can even copy and paste text between computers and drag files from one to the other. It's Windows only — unlike its competitor Synergy — but if you run Windows exclusively, it's a powerful, dead simple way to limit the number of mice on your desk. Check out the video above to see more.

Mouse Without Borders is a free download for Windows only.

Microsoft download from The Garage: Mouse without Borders [Next at Microsoft via]


    I'll stick with Synergy. Partially because I sometimes use a mac. It does the job, and the clipboard works fine across computers.
    Dragging files is a nice touch though. That would be cool.

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