MobileNoter Syncs Notes From iOS And Android With OneNote

iOS/Android: We discuss more than a few note-taking apps, but when we looked at your favourite note-taking apps, one of your favourites was Microsoft OneNote. With MobileNoter, you get a unique note-taking application for iOS and Android that lets you jot down your thoughts on the go, and then synchronise them with Microsoft OneNote on your desktop.

Microsoft OneNote is already available for iOS (and its reviews are much higher than MobileNoter for iOS,) but it's unavailable for Android. That's where MobileNoter comes in: it allows you to take notes, organise them on your device, add audio, images and rich text to your notes, view them at any point, and then synchronise them with OneNote via cloud storage or over Wi-Fi.

MobileNoter seems to work best on Android as opposed to iOS, although it's available for both. The developers note that a BlackBerry version is on the way soon. The app is completely free, and if you're a Microsoft OneNote fan, it's worth a look. Have you tried MobileNoter? Share your experiences in the comments below.



    It is not free it is subscription based, did the writer of this post even visit their website?

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