Mix Sand And Paint For Slip-Proof Stairs

Mix Sand And Paint For Slip-Proof Stairs

If you want to keep your stairs from getting too slippery in wet weather, Martha Stewart suggests adding a little sand to your paint mixture.Photo by stethoscope.

The project is pretty straightforward: after giving your stairs an initial coat of paint, mix an additional two cups of paint with a 3/4 cup of sand. Paint the mixture on, allow it to dry, and you’ll have slip-proof steps.

Slip-Proof the Back Steps [Martha Stewart via Re-Nest]


    • Sugar works well. I used to use this when painting boat decks. Salt is also good, and doesn’t attract ants or cockroaches.

      Medium or large grains work better than fine-grained.
      Apply them when the paint is tacky. E.g it is no longer runny and starting to dry.

      The pre-mixed textured paint is not as good because all the particles in it are coated with paint and have smooth edges when applied.

    • At Bunnings they sell a sand specifically for this purpose in the paint section. I considered just popping to the beach but ordinary sand has rather large grains which would get knocked out over time leaving your steps pitted. The proper stuff is an extremely fine sand, only slightly coarser than flour and it did a great job on improving traction on the steps. It was about $10 from memory for enough sand for a 4L paint tin.

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